Semantic Ad Planning, Targeting and Optimization

It's 2016, do you know where your display ads are?
The time has past for you to buy someone else’s definition of the right digital display advertising environment for your advertisers. uKnow provides simple and powerful targeting and optimization solutions to create brand-safe custom distribution channels for each campaign. uKnow's highly flexible patent-pending technology utilizes a unique combination of semantic analysis and natural language processing to enable efficient and profitable identification of the optimal content and context for each advertiser.
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uKnow provides the most flexible & comprehensive custom channel creation tools
  • Create your own BluePrint™ in a simple three step process
  • Enter brand, product or service attributes, defining your own optimal content and context adjacencies
  • Exclude undesirable, "unsafe" environments
  • Use our unique "find more like this" capability to optimize based on actual campaign performance
Custom Distribution Channels
  • Your BluePrint™ defines the best inventory from our database of over 100,000 brand-safe sites and/or 35 million individual pages
  • Gain control and transparency over ad delivery via inventory that best fits each advertiser
  • Safely and profitably target exchanges and other new sources of inventory
Inventory Knowledge
  • Immune to "Do Not Track" issues-uKnow provides cookie-less solutions
  • Increase ROI -- reduce impressions wasted on non-relevant content
  • Gain pre-emptive brand safety in all your placements
  • Discover new inventory and optimize delivery against existing sources of impressions
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